Google may soon launch a feature that Alerts users of Unreliable Search Results

Google will now alert users when emergency news breaks or if something is wrong with a search. The update is intended as a disclaimer for searches that may show incorrect results at such times.

This is a remarkable move by Google to provide insight into breaking entertainment and news stories that are popular online but constantly evolving.

According to Recode, Google started testing the feature last week. There is currently only one occasion the notice shows up in search results, which are usually related to emerging trends.

Credit: Renee DiResta (Twitter: @noUpside)

In its new update, Google hopes to address instances when the search engine accidentally shows incorrect news information due to breaking news stories.

The internet has often been a source of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and unverified news stories, which have been difficult for companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to manage. The new prompt is also being used by major tech companies to alert users when they receive information that’s potentially incorrect.

Despite the fact that the new warning won’t stop incorrect or false information from showing up on Google, it may reduce the false legitimacy that a high Google ranking can give an early and unreliable source.

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