Google is rolling out its July 2021 core update

Google has started rolling out its July 2021 core update. This update will roll out over the next week or two.

This update continues the core update from last month. There was more Google intended to include in the June update, but it wasn’t able to.

This month’s core update is expected to follow the one Google released in June 2021. Generally, core updates take 14 days to roll out, but that June update took just 10 days.

Many site owners have been waiting for recovery and hopefully, this is it. It may take until the next Google core algorithm update before major signs of recovery are seen after being adversely affected by a Google core algorithm update. After being hit with an update months ago, the owners of this site might benefit from this update.

If your site was affected by last month’s update, this update might help you recover. When a core update negatively impacts your search results, Google gives advice on what you should do.

To recover from a negative ranking impact, there are no specific actions you should take. In fact, a negative ranking impact may not necessarily indicate a problem. 

It is also important to remember that not all updates apply to everyone. Due to their widespread implementation across all search results, the two core algorithm updates will likely impact most websites.

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