Google’s Core Update for July 2021 is “effectively complete”

Google announced that its core update for July 2021 has been “effectively completed.”

During the first week of July 2021, the core update started. Unlike the June 2021 core update, which only took two and a half weeks to fully roll out, this update took just twelve days to roll out.

It was a global update that did not target any specific region, language, or category of websites. Previously, the June 2021 core update was a big release, but it was slow to arrive.

According to many SEO professionals and webmasters, that update didn’t have the same effect as previous core updates.

However, If your site is impacted by a core update, Google has created a list of questions to consider. According to Google, you can notice some improvement between core updates, but the largest change would occur after another core update.

Google updates its search ranking algorithm on a regular basis, meaning that your website could perform better or worse in the rankings. It’s important to know when Google makes these updates so we can identify changes you made to your site or changes Google made to the ranking algorithm.

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