Google Is Launching A New Video Optimization Feature For Site Owners

Google has something new for optimizing videos posted by creators on their own websites instead of YouTube.

The ‘key moments’ rich snippet now allows publishers to markup their videos easily, so users can jump to specific video sections directly.

Adding timestamps to a YouTube video is not difficult, as the timestamps need to be included in the video description.

Before, it was tricky to upload a video to a creator’s website due to the fact that each segment had to be manually tilted.

To skip to a specific time in a video, site owners simply must tell Google the URL pattern.

As a result, Google will determine when key moments in the video occur and link directly to those points.

Google is releasing a beta version of the feature, which will support any website which publishes videos.

It is important to note that SeekToAction only applies to videos embedded on a website. No third-party platform supports this markup.

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