Google is Introducing a new Search Console ‘Insights’ tool for Creators

Google is introducing a new Search Console Insights tool that will give content creators a snapshot of their content’s performance.

It will now be easier for users to understand how their content resonates with readers. Its easy-to-use interface lets you analyze performance at any level of technical expertise. A high-level chart and card showing statistics for “Your new content” and “Google Search” can be seen in the tool.

With this tool, Google says you can learn more about your content, such as what content is performing best, what is trending, and how people find your content.

According to the report, Google Analytics accounts should be linked to a relevant property to get the most out of Search Console Insights.

The Insights tool is currently in beta, and At present, only Universal Analytics (UA) properties from Google Analytics are supported, but Google Analytics 4 will follow soon.

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