Google introduces a new feature to Help Students

Google is adding new features to its search engine to assist users in finding the best educational resources. Practice problems will be the first feature added. This interactive educational resource will bring students’ chemistry, math, and physics skills to the test right in the search engine.

Sounds Interesting?

Google is also in talks with other companies such as Tiger Algebra, Symbolab, and Mathway to help students solve math problems using Google Search. Additional support for solving complex STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), including a thorough explanation of a topic and targeted resources for complex subjects.

However, According to Experts, This new feature will not affect Website Or Blog in Educational niche.

Another Google Search feature was introduced last month, allowing users to learn more about a website before visiting it. Before they open the website, Google will display a Wikipedia description, according to the company. Users can get the necessary context that Google provides when it first indexes the page if the website does not have a Wikipedia page.

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