Google has rolled out another Anti-Spam Update

Earlier this week, Google SearchLiaison announced that the second phase of its anti-spam update had begun.

According to Danny Sullivan on Twitter, the update has a direct relation to the previous one. In that announcement, hacked websites were mentioned as an example of spam types.

In response, Google said that they aren’t able to tackle the issue alone and suggested that publishers do their part by keeping their site software up to date.

No reason has yet been given for the occurrence of two spam updates and Google has provided no more information than to say the two updates, released one week apart on the same day, were related.

Google is concerned about the following types of spam:

  • Automated content
  • linking tactics
  • Plagiarized content
  • Hidden content
  • Unstructured data

It wasn’t stated whether the updates involved AI or any new technology. However, Google will better understand your site content if all resources that directly impact page rendering are crawled, for example, CSS and JavaScript files. As a result, Google indexes web pages as the user would see them, including images, CSS, and Javascript files.

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