Google has made two new changes in its Discover Feed

Since Google is the most popular and widely used search engine in the world., the company is continuously working to make its search pages better and more convenient for its users by introducing new features and introducing useful changes.

Google recently made two changes to the search engine’s Discover feed, as reported by 9to5Google. The first is that the posts in Google’s Discover section will now be more prominent and have a better layout, while the second is that the sports carousels have been removed for improved usability.

Google’s Discover section allows brands, organisations, and individuals to post images, information, and other things on the Discover page in the form of Posts with an image and a brief summary of the content it contains; if the user finds it interesting, they can tap on it, which will take them straight to the post on Search without any additional steps. The postcard type links were introduced in 2016, and later that year they began appearing on Google Discover for the convenience of users, and this year they have been improved.

Aside from that, the content or text of the posts will now appear before the image shown, in other words, on top of the image on the posts, which will clearly separate it from news articles and evergreen content, which is a very good change.

The second change is that sports carousels have been removed so that sports cards with matching results are no longer followed by relating stories. That is, if you open one sports-related post, you will not be followed by only sports-related posts, but only one or two sports-related posts will appear in your feed. While less content is shown, this is done to improve usability.

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