Google has added new ways to Edit Business Profiles in search

Google has improved its ways of editing the business information that appears in its searches. In addition, their business profiles can be edited any time without leaving Search or Maps.

 As of last year, Google began rolling out more capabilities in this area. The basic information can be edited by businesses, and they can message their clients from the results page. More details about businesses can now be added or edited, such as contact information.

Creating and publishing Google Posts for businesses was quite difficult. However, now they can directly access it from the SERPs. Searchers can now more easily see the updates when you post them to Google My Business.

This is going to begin next week. A business offering local services can edit its profile using the Edit Profile menu from the Search. They can also add their local areas for services at the same time. In addition, Google allows food businesses to accept takeout and delivery orders directly from their profiles.

The Edit Profile option is available to businesses from the Search and Maps section. Furthermore, they are also able to add information about their products to their business profiles via search and maps.

Within the next few weeks, Google Search will also allow businesses to add and update online ordering options.

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