Google FAQ rich results will display up to 2 FAQs per page

FAQ structured data results are now limited to two results, confirmed Google’s Danny Sullivan. Right now, the rich results update is in progress.

As Danny Sullivan pointed out on Twitter, Google limits FAQ-rich results to two per page.

However, Due to the fact that the update is still rolling out, there might still be some FAQ-rich results that display more than two results.

Structured data on your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) allows Google to display FAQs in its search engine results. As a result, there was a possibility that 3 or 4 pages could dominate the first page of searches when Google displayed up to ten FAQs at the same time.

A rollout of the updated FAQ structured data is in progress. It seems more reasonable to display FAQ results this way rather than in the initial algorithm, which often forced more sites to drop from the front page.

This feature can still be useful while still limiting the rich results to two FAQs per web page.

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