Google delays phasing out Chrome ad tracking

Google says it will delay its plan to phase out tracking technology built into Chrome until a replacement system has been developed.

It was announced Thursday that the deadline for removing third-party cookies will be extended to 2023, nearly two years later than the original schedule of January 2022.

Ad-targeting cookies are snippets of code that measure user behavior and allow advertisers to target campaigns more effectively, which allows newspapers and blogs to offer free online content.

As a result, they have become a frequent cause of privacy concerns, as they can be used to follow users across the web.

The company plans to retire third-party cookies as it changes Chrome to tighten privacy, but the plans have caused concern in the online advertising industry since competitors may find themselves even less competitive under replacement technology. Investigators from the European Union and Britain have been studying Google’s proposed Privacy Sandbox initiative.

Among the top ideas for replacing third-party cookies is the idea of hiding users in large groups based on their interests while maintaining privacy by retaining web browsing histories on devices. 

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