Google deals with Italian publishers for News Content Showcase

On Wednesday, Google announced the deals with a number of Italian publishers to allow some of its content accessible on the company’s Showcase news website.

Google News Showcase is a news service that allows participating publishers to curate content and offer selective access to paywalled articles for subscribers, as well as a global vehicle for paying news publishers for their web content.

To date, Google has signed deals with 13 Italian editorial companies, granting users access to content from 76 national and local newspapers.
The agreement’s financial details were not made official.

News publishers have long battled for payments from the world’s most successful internet search engine, with European media companies leading the drive.

In October, Google announced that it will pay $1 billion to publishers worldwide for their news over the next three years via Showcase, which would launch in Germany first, followed by Belgium, India, the Netherlands, and other nations. According to Reuters

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