Google Analytics 4’s Enhanced Measurement Simplifies Event Management

Changes to a website’s content are often followed by the need to change analytics tags. This is a job that marketers are familiar with. With the release of Google Analytics 4, the company added enhanced measurement, which has the ability to make these updates a lot easier.

Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as “App + Web”) is a new type of property with different reports than the Universal Analytics properties you’re used to seeing. One of the benefits of a Google Analytics 4 property is that it can be used for a website, an app, or both. Only websites are supported by Universal Analytics properties.

With the introduction of Google Analytics GA4, Google introduced the main event tags switch in the user interface.

Google Analytics 4’s enhanced measurement adds a new level of ease to the process of configuring analytics settings. Marketers should learn more about it as the bar for enhancing customer experience online through analytics continues to rise.

Even though using the enhanced measurement function is more convenient, analysts must also choose which options to implement. To keep updates to a tagged website or app mapped, marketing and business development teams can work with developers proactively. Many event tags are focused on media displayed on a website or app page.

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