GoDaddy Introduces New WooCommerce Extensions for WordPress Ecommerce Hosting

GoDaddy has expanded its Managed WordPress Ecommerce plugin bundle, giving customers free access to a list of over 75 premium WooCommerce extensions. GoDaddy recently acquired SkyVerge, a leading WooCommerce product developer.

When combined with a large library of WordPress plugins and themes, the new extensions offer web designers and developers more options for creating fully featured and personalized WooCommerce stores for their clients.

The newly released extensions nearly double the value of GoDaddy’s free WooCommerce plugins for Managed WordPress Ecommerce customers.

GoDaddy users can now accept payments from various processors, as well as benefit from social sharing integrations, Google Analytics Pro and Memberships, and new digital and printable gift card options.

For Managed WordPress Ecommerce customers who want to create online stores for their businesses, GoDaddy is also launching a new smooth experience and site development flow.

GoDaddy is also introducing a new support message center that integrates directly with the WordPress app. Customers can now contact GoDaddy’s WordPress and WooCommerce experts at any time to get answers to their queries.

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