Foxhound Introduces a Free Digital Advertising Tool For Small Marketers

Foxhound LLC, a Tampa-based digital marketing and public relations company, has announced the launch of a free digital advertisement tool.

Its release coincided with the global pandemic, which has driven more businesses to spend more money on digital marketing, search ads, and social media, rapidly speeding up the pace of digital transformation in marketing.

Because of how costly Google Adwords and other search advertising ads can be, there has been a significant increase in content marketing and organic marketing efforts such as SEO. The SEO Budget Calculator, according to Foxhound, will be the first step toward growing your marketing ROI.

The SEO Budget Calculator, which is free on the Foxhound website and will be available on the App Store and Play Store soon, gives businesses an estimation of their digital ad investment. Users can select their company’s market, target keywords, and the number of days they want their ad to appear, as well as how actively they want to advertise.

According to Foxhound, the SEO Budget Calculator is free and will remain so forever. A number of improvements and modifications are in the works and will be made available to consumers at no cost.

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