Fasthosts Introduces a New E-commerce Website Builder for Small Businesses

With the launch of its new eCommerce website builder, UK-based web hosting provider Fasthosts hopes to help small businesses in creating professional online shops.

It will be easier for companies to establish an online presence through the new website builder as the company promises a simple user interface and transparency on prices.

Businesses will have the option to take payments exactly as they wish, thanks to the new product’s mobile-friendly designs and templates that do not require any coding experience.

Website builders also enable business owners to connect with customers through social media platforms and marketplaces, including automatically syncing their eCommerce shops with popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Amazon, etc.

Within eCommerce Website Builder, a large number of add-on features are available, such as access to partner apps. By using these, you can enhance the functionality and customize the performance of your website.

new ecommerce store builder features

Using Ecommerce Website Builder is simple, as you can control everything from one interface. With Real-Time Shipping Rates, you can quickly and easily manage orders, pricing, and payment providers, including PayPal. You can also track the performance of your shop with built-in analytics.

Additionally, you can sell any digital item, including images, music, and videos, as well as ebooks, software, and video games. 

Furthermore, the product includes a free domain name, SSL security, and business email so that a retailer can set up his or her online store without any additional costs.

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