Facebook’s Latest Update Will Target Specific Groups and Individuals

Facebook is taking new steps to stop harmful posts from spreading. The new restrictions start by restricting the reach of groups and individuals, gradually progressing to the closure of problematic groups and the removal of participants who continue to break Facebook’s rules and community standards.

The new restrictions are aimed at slowing down and eventually stopping the spreading of harmful content. Hate speech and propaganda are examples of harmful content.

One of the aims is to make it harder for these groups to continue to grow, whether they are public or private, by imposing restrictions that lead to their closure.

The other focus is on people that are problematic. Facebook groups with a high number of users who violate the rules will face more restrictions as a result of those members, limiting the reach of the group’s content. Individuals who share negative or misleading information will face a tier of restrictions from Facebook.

Facebook has been criticised for supposedly promoting violent content and conflict by its algorithms. Previously, Facebook’s algorithms promoted interaction regardless of the motive, such as anger or hatred.

Source: Facebook

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