Facebook Added New Ways To Monetize Video Content

Facebook is implementing new features which are designed to help video content creators earn more money, Including short-form videos.

Pages that meet a set of requirements will earn money from videos they post on Facebook. Facebook has different criteria for each form of video ad: in-stream, live, and gaming. Each set of criteria is being updated. Let’s have a look:

  • 5 or more active video uploads or previously Live videos Videos must be uploaded, not removed, and adhere to Facebook’s Content Monetization Policies.
  • 600,000 total minutes viewed from any combination of video uploads in the past 60 days.

In its eligibility calculations, Facebook only took into consideration regular video uploads and are longer than three minutes. But, Now they also consider shorter video uploads, live streams, and live video recordings.

Pages with at least 10,000 followers can still use in-stream ads.

For Pages interested in monetizing live streams, Facebook has its own set of eligibility requirements.

Pages must also meet the following criteria in order to run ads once they go live: In the last 60 days, 60,000 live minutes have been viewed.

According to Facebook, it will review all applications and begin accepting more Pages that meet the new criteria.

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