EWWW Image Optimizer Discount – Optimize Image Effortlessly

Sites that use images take longer to load. I’ll keep it simple. Nevertheless, images are still important for other reasons, so you cannot ignore them for performance reasons.

With a WordPress image optimizer plugin, you can make sure your images take up less space while also taking up less space.

Fortunately, EWWW Image Optimizer steps in to help.

It’s a simpler and lighter plugin that’s best for quick and easy image optimization. While offering a wide variety of compression options, it also offers a fair amount of customization.

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With EWWW Image Optimizer, you can resize, optimize, and compress images in the Cloud. All images are smushed without degrading the image quality, removing any superfluous data.

You can optimize JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files with EWWW. You can also choose between lossy or lossless compression. Unlike some other sites, EWWW does not have an upload limit for images or file sizes.

EWWW Image Optimizer features

EWWW Image Optimizer Discount

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The EWWW Optimizer automatically compresses all your images seamlessly. Moreover, it performs a squeezing and tuning process to optimize the size and quality of your old photos. There are a lot of configuration options, but you won’t need to tweak them often because the defaults are pretty reasonable.

It’s easy to use – and set up.

The price of the lifetime deal is as follows:

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It’s possible to optimize images that you’ve already uploaded. You can also choose a format from which to save a smaller image, so you can reduce the size of the image.

If you want the best way to optimize your media files without paying monthly fees, EWWW Image Optimizer is the best solution for you.

All plans include these features:

  • No limits to images
  • Site speed audits
  • Auto-compress & Auto-WebP
  • Lazy loading feature
  • Optimize JS and CSS
  • SWIS performance
  • Custom URL
  • Delivery via global CDN

Final Words About EWWW Image Optimizer Discount

EWWW Image Optimizer is actually a full-featured image optimization solution for WordPress. With this plugin, you can select from several levels of compression in order to achieve optimum performance and quality.

You can control page files with the plugin by using various CSS/JS optimization techniques. Also, EWWW IO allows you to optimize your site speed by implementing the most impactful speed hacks.

Take advantage of EWWW IO’s lifetime access today!

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