Emojise Review – Collect Unlimited Feedback from your audience

As a business, you should pay attention to your customers and use their feedback to improve your services, products, or content. Yet, obtaining feedback is no easy task.

Here, Emojise will help you to collect more feedback from your audience easily!

Grab the Emojise Lifetime deal now and collect unlimited feedback from your audience (at $25 only!)

Emojise Features

Collect more feedback: You can collect more specific feedback from your audience by selecting from 300+ emojis. The widget can be displayed as a floating bar or inline.

Analytics: With their easy-to-use interface, you can process large amounts of data quickly. Learn what your audience likes and what needs to be improved.

Track Feedback: It is easy to organize your feedback using ‘Completed’ and ‘In Progress’ marks, as well as internal notes.

Prioritise: This feature allows users to vote on the responses, which can increase the number of feedback submissions, and it shows you where you should place your resources in a prioritized order.

Emojise features, Emojise Discount

Easy Integrate: You can easily embed Emojise widgets into your website, email or blog and capture your visitors’ feedback.

Emojise Discount

Luckily, Emojise is offering its jaw-dropping lifetime deal on SaaSmantra! You can grab this deal to collect unlimited feedback.

Pricing: $25 One-time price (LIFETIME DEAL)

The Emojise PRO plan would normally cost $199 per year.

What you’ll get:

  • No Branding!
  • Live Analytics
  • Unlimited Widgets and Ratings
  • Widget Customization
  • Custom Call to Action
  • You can create an unlimited number of widgets
  • Unlimited Ratings

Don’t worry! SaaSmantra offers 30 days refund policy. Take your time and give your Emojise tool a thorough test drive.


Emojise is a powerful tool to easily collect valuable feedback from your audience, you can supercharge your online business by getting real and honest feedback from users.

You can grab Emojise Lifetime deal to try all its features and It also includes future improvements to the PRO plan.

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