Disadvantages of using WordPress – Is it Overrated?

WordPress is used by more than one-third of the top ten million websites on the internet. The market share has steadily increased over the last few years, reaching 33.4 percent from 29.9 percent.

WordPress started out as just a blogging platform. However, it is now the market’s largest and most popular content management system (CMS). It has now established itself as an industry CMS leader.

Our Website, Search Engine Space is also using the WordPress CMS!

When it comes to deciding on the best platform for building your website, WordPress is the name that always comes to mind. Many bloggers prefer this open-source platform for building interactive websites. However, WordPress faces strong competition, particularly with the growing popularity of Joomla and Drupal.

In today’s article, We’re going to highlight the disadvantages of WordPress.

Oops! Yes, Disadvantages only.

Disadvantages Of WordPress

Disadvantages of WordPress, Disadvantages of using WordPress

1. Security

WordPress is quite likely the most popular target for hackers and spammers. That’s because it’s the most popular CMS, with over 70 million websites; it’s not because it’s more vulnerable than anything else.

Many vulnerable themes and plugins, allow hackers to take over the website!

2. Updates & Updates

Your agency would have to log in to your site on a regular basis to check the dashboard to see if your theme or plugins needed to be updated. Because they must be checked and updated on a regular basis, this is something your agency may overlook while working on other projects.

Remember that with all technological advancements, glitches and errors do occur. You may encounter broken links or your website may crash. Your site’s functionality can be affected if you update it frequently. The sites are improved with updates. Some site features, such as plugins, which stop working after each update, and you will need to replace the old ones with new ones.

3. PHP!

Since WordPress is written in PHP, you’ll need to learn PHP and experiment with it if you want to make big changes. Knowledge of PHP is required for modification. The script is not as well-protected as other applications. WordPress is an excellent script for building a simple website. It is one of the easiest to use.

4. Performance

WordPress consumes a lot of memory and needs a surprising amount of CPU power to run. You must use a caching plug-in in order to work well. WordPress sites use a lot of generic codes and plugins to add functionality, which can cause the site to respond slowly and slow down the loading time.


To be frank, We love WordPress! ♥ and will continue to do so, because the advantages just too many to be listed down.

Overall, we believe WordPress is an excellent choice for sites that are highly content-driven from the top down. Of course, there are blogs, but there are also magazine or news sites, portfolio sites, event sites, and so on. For those types of websites, the out-of-the-box user-friendly admin dashboard is a treat for users.

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