DevKinsta is now available on Ubuntu/Linux

The long-awaited DevKinsta for Ubuntu/Linux is now available!

DevKinsta makes it simple to create and develop local sites. With a single click, you can set up a single or multisite WordPress platform with Nginx, MariaDB, and more. Create themes, plugins, and custom pages on your local computer by using local database and email management tools.

DevKinsta makes it simple to create, edit, and duplicate WordPress local installations. PHP versions 7.2-8.0 are supported by DevKinsta, and you can switch between them with a few clicks. DevKinsta lets you use a PHP version for your platform if your project is bound to a particular version.

The latest version introduces:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 support
  • Advanced logging
  • Added search into site push/pull
  • Added the ability to select which WP version do you want to install under custom site creation
  • Display valid WP version
  • Display the application version (under Settings > Software Update)
  • Updated Adminer config for handling large dumps
  • Added the ability to check the free space in a folder before move there the project folder

DevKinsta is available to anyone who isn’t a Kinsta customer and is absolutely free to use.

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