Comm100 announced major updates to its WordPress plugin

To the point:

  • Comm100 recently enhanced its WordPress integration to provide free omnichannel customer engagement solution.
  • By allowing customer interactions through live chat, email, social media, and mobile text messaging, these updates make it easier for businesses using WordPress to communicate quickly and easily with their customers via Comm100’s digital customer engagement platform for free.
  • The Free Live Chat WordPress plug-in by Comm100 gives users access to all of the features of its award-winning platform in an easy-to-use format.

Comm100 has enhanced the user experience by adding a simplified auto login and signup login flow, as well as increased compatibility with the new WordPress update (version 5.6.2).

Users will also benefit from:

  • Simple Setup – installing the plugin just takes a few clicks, and it works with any WordPress theme without requiring any changes.
  • Fully Customizable – allowing the live chat experience to be customised with the company’s logo, colour scheme, and CSS.
  • Built-in Knowledgebase.
  • Web, Mobile and Desktop app.

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