Clubhouse Introduces direct Payment features for Creators

Clubhouse, an invite-only shared audio app, has launched the first monetization feature for creators.

Users will be able to send payments directly to other creators, starting from Monday. Clubhouse confirmed that the ability to accept payments is only limited to a small number of users, but that it will be slowly rolled out to everyone.

“we’ll be rolling out the ability to receive payments in waves, starting with a small test group today,” Clubhouse said.

Users can tap on the creator’s profile to send money inside the app. If the feature is enabled, the user can select “Send Money” and enter the desired amount. For the first transaction, users will be required to register a credit or debit card.

According to Clubhouse, the entire payment will go to the creator, and it will not take a share of the transaction. However, Stripe (Payment Gateway) can charge the person making the purchase a small fee for card processing.

This is the first of multiple frameworks to support Clubhouse creators to be paid directly on the platform. The news of direct payments comes after Clubhouse revealed Clubhouse Creator First, its first creator accelerator programme.

Clubhouse is currently only available to iOS users, while Twitter began rolling out its own social audio offering Spaces to Android users last month and expects to finish the process this month.

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