Cloudflare announces privacy-focused WordPress analytics platform

To the point:

  • Cloudflare launches a privacy-first analytics platform for WordPress.
  • publishers will now have the choice of how they collect user data and gain information from their visitors’
  • The Cloudflare Web Analytics settings will appear in the dashboard’s – Marketing area.

Cloudflare, a content delivery network provider, has introduced a new privacy-friendly analytics service, which it has now integrated with, and the de-facto WordPress hosting site.

The new Privacy First Web Analytics product will allow website publishers and site owners to gather usage data and gain useful information about their users without invading their privacy.

It’s not the first time they’ve released a WordPress-focused product. Cloudflare launched Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress websites in October, a feature that has been shown in research to enhance TTFB by up to 72 percent! With their shared customer base, this feature has become very popular.

Cloudflare’s latest analytics service doesn’t monitor users through their IP address, user agent string, or other immutable attributes, and it doesn’t use any client-side states including cookies.

The Cloudflare Web Analytics configurations will appear in the Marketing section of the dashboard. Users can also see links to Cloudflare APO and Cloudflare’s CDN in the dashboard, which they can enable from the Cloudflare dashboard.

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