Brave launches its Privacy-Friendly Search Engine

A new privacy-centric search engine is launched today by Brave to offer visitors another way to find what they want on the web without giving up their personal data.

To test the new search engine, Brave is initially launching it in Beta while it continues to improve its features. Brave’s default search engine will now be available on any browser.

Now that the beta is live, everyone can use it. Early access invitations will no longer be sent via email. Simply visit and search anonymously.

Brave Search beta is now live

The amount of information, such as your browsing history, collected by Google or Microsoft is unsettling for anyone who has used their accounts.

The tech industry knows too much about each of us, whether it’s your detailed search history, your financial transactions, or your personal preferences. Through its independent search index and privacy-concerned features, Brave Search aims to create a fully competitive search engine.

Privacy-minded people cannot argue with the new search engine’s features.

Even so, there is still room for improvement since most searches favor larger sites over those who broke the story.

In the search sector, although, competition is still badly needed, and tools that respect user privacy like DuckDuckGo are beneficial to everyone

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