Blockbase, Automattic’s new block parent theme, available now

A new Blockbase parent theme was announced yesterday on the Theme Shaper blog by Ben Dwyer. It supports global styles and block tagging.

Automattic released the classic Blank Canvas theme in January. By building a well-rounded system, the team shouldn’t have to redesign each block theme they make for every time a change occurs. It may also serve as a starting point for theme authors who are not yet familiar with block-theme options.

By enabling the common theme styles to be configured in theme.json, this block theme will provide all the CSS necessary to make the styles work until the block theme itself makes these settings available. More configurations will be added to Global Styles as Blockbase is being deprecated.

There are some themes that require more customization than what Global Styles can provide. Therefore, styles with more unique characteristics continue to be defined in the CSS file of the theme.

There are many things to be learned from this project, including the ways in which block themers can create their own. Dwyer said it is currently available through GitHub, but they can create an NPM package if enough people are interested.


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