Badger DAO will pay $300,000 for the domain name

To the point:

  • The DeFi protocol has paid $300,000 for the domain “”
  • The new domain, according to SushiSwap CTO Joseph Delong, has been a major source of traffic for the project.

The Badger DAO group is getting ready to move to new diggs: the decentralised finance project will soon take over the domain name “”

Despite having a treasury worth well over half a billion dollars in different assets, the DAO is unable to buy the domain outright due to its lack of legal status, forcing the purchase-vote-transfer process to take place.

Badger isn’t the only DeFi project with a new website. SushiSwap, a multiservice website, received the “” domain from crypto investment fund Future Fund earlier this month.

The new domain has been a major source of traffic for SushiSwap, according to CTO Joseph Delong.

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