Amazon sellers can now use Semrush to research SEO keywords

Keyword Wizard, a new tool within the Sellzone (ex. Sellerly) toolbox – a comprehensive toolset for Amazon sellers — was released today by Semrush.

Amazon sellers can boost their SEO by using Sellzone’s Keyword Wizard tool to identify relevant search terms and their search volume. Search volumes for keywords on Amazon, as well as similar terms, can be seen here. In addition, a database of over 200 million keywords has been added to the Keyword Wizard tool in order to help sellers identify keywords that will increase the profitability of their listings.

Keyword Wizard

Using Sellzone (ex. Sellerly)’s Keyword Wizard tool, sellers can get high rankings in Amazon search results by using high-volume keywords relevant to their product category. Having a list of long-tail keywords with the wide, phrase, and precise matches may provide new keyword suggestions. By using the low-competition keyword list, you can find growth opportunities and outperform your competitors.

It is easy to use Keyword Wizard. Enter the main (seed) keyword first; then, it searches through the Sellzone keyword database for variations of the main keyword; You’ll now see a list of variants enriched with metrics, and you can adjust the list of keywords by excluding irrelevant words in broad- or phrase match long-tail keywords, and export the keywords to continue working on the product listings.

Besides the Keyword Wizard, Sellzone (ex. Sellerly) provided a list of the top 100 Amazon keywords and a guide to keyword research on Amazon.

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