accessiBe announces New Search Engine to Help People with Disabilities

accessiBe, the leading market leader in web accessibility, announced today that it would launch accessFind as the first search engine designed specifically for end-users with disabilities.

In contrast, there are nearly 1 Billion inaccessible websites. About 200,000 of them are accessible. Even so, there are still a considerable number of services, online stores, and informational websites that people with disabilities should use if only they were aware of how to find them.

With accessFind, people with disabilities are able to take full advantage of the vast internet resources available.

accessFind search engine

It is designed with the support of leading disability-focused nonprofit organizations. The search engine will be the first to create an accessible index of websites to enhance the navigation of the internet by people with disabilities.

Additionally, accessFind has invited NGOs with a strong focus on the needs of the community to join this initiative as founding members, thus developing the accessFind concept.

Including over 120,000 accessible websites, accessFind offers a personalized surfing experience to ensure that all users can access search results. accessFind is open to any website that is accessible. In addition, nonprofit organizations can still join the founding members club. For more information on joining or becoming a founding member, visit

As part of its public plan, accessiBe is launching a number of initiatives, including accessFind.
In addition to educating and promoting awareness about making the web more accessible and inclusive, accessiBe is developing advanced technology, tools, and services.

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