10up Announces Convert to Blocks to Support Safe Migrations to The WordPress Block Editor

Convert to Blocks, a WordPress plugin for converting classic posts into blocks was officially announced by 10up yesterday. The aim is to provide users with a secure migration route for old content while eliminating the burdens of other options in the space.

The plugin is enabled and does not need any configuration until an editor needs to update or modify an existing piece of content. Convert to Blocks automatically maps the content to the relevant blocks that come with WordPress if a page or post is not already formatted using blocks when the editor is opened. This method ensures that current and older content is preserved until it is updated, reducing the possibility of breaking a page or article without knowing it.

Convert to Blocks also adds a new column called “Editor” to the Manage Posts screen. It shows whether the post content was created using the block or classic editor, giving users a simple summary without having to go through and post individually.

The core transformation function is used by Convert to Blocks, which is an imperfect solution. The conversion can throw an error depending on the content of the post. As a consequence, bulk solutions are often problematic. Users will be alerted if there is a problem when editing a post using this plugin. It focuses on converting to blocks where it matters most — during the editing process — and saves the user time by removing some manual work.

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